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Shop No F2, Ground Floor Calcutta Greens Commercial Complex, 24-Parganas

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We are one of the best wine retailers in Kolkata. Located in Survey Park Road, we cater to a wide collection of spirits and wines. Just walk into our store to check out our variety of wines, beers, whisky and others.


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What is the difference between Cognac and Brandy

What is Brandy? Brandy is the byproduct of fermentation and distillation of any fruit juice or fruit mash, for a sweet tasting spirit Bandy is pretty potent with 90-100 proof. Brandy can into existence from a very, very long time. Right from the 150

How to Save Money on Booze

Alcohol can be pretty heavy on the pocket, and if you are a student or a professional running low on budget, then you better watch out as you do not want to run out of cash while sipping on your favorite alcohol. Here are few tips to save money whil

What is the difference between Vodka and Gin? There are two neutral spirits in the alcohol world that are similar in look

Those are the Gina and Vodka. Both these spirits are clear- grain-based liquors and can be interchanged in many cocktails. This is why many get confused and wonder if Gin Vodka is same or different spirits. But, in reality, both these spirits have d